Althea's Beauty Life Guard Box | 夏天 玩水不再害怕掉妝的化妝品!

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Hello! K-beauty lovers must know about this beauty platform- Althea 
A platform that every girls love to shop their beauty products, either is skin care nor makeups.
For an oily skin person, it is always difficult to get products that are really smudge-proof,oil-proof & waterproof. 

It came just so in time when I was about to get myself some makeup products here comes the 
Beauty Lifeguard Box from Althea

Tony Molly's Waterproof Cushion
Tony Molly's waterproof cushion provides 
❤ Great coverage that adheres all that
❤ Contain sebum controlling powder that keep our skin oil-free
❤It keeps our skin with sun care, anti-aging and brightening 
There's a seal inside the cushion, to ensure the cleanliness of the cushion. Normally after we have opened up the cushion we will just throw the seal sticker away, but I would keep it and open it up everytime only when I want to us. *haha* Afraid that the base would evaporate if I don't seal it back *haha*

My Thought
Tony Molly's cushion has become one of my must-bring makeup product that have to be in my makeup porch! Besides of the cute packaging, it keeps my skin with a very smooth matte base throughout whole day. I only use once oil-paper to absorb the excess oil on my face, after all it leaves my skin smooth like I just wore my makeup. When I first open the seal and saw the shades of the cushion, I thought it would make my face looks very dark and doesn't suits on me, but surprisingly the shades work well on my face. 

My Rating

VDL Eye Primer
Expert Color Primer For Eyes
❤ Long Lasting for stay fix system
❤ Vivid Color Expression

Put on some VDL primer of my hand and allows it to dry, follow with one-eyeshadow color. I was amazed with the results, by using the same eyeshadow color it allows the color to show up vividly, and there is no eyeshadow "flakes" flying around  *lol*

My Thought
When I was hesitating whether to get myself another Eye Primer from Urban Decay, then I saw this VDL Eye Primer which eventually attracted me to give it a try! Why not? When one Urban Decay Eye Primer is almost the same price with this BOX of beauty products *haha*

It is more liquid compared with those cream type of eye primer, and it takes some time to dry before you can put on the eyeshadow. Put some VDL eye primer on your eye lid and gently massage it over our eyelids. You will see the eye primer forms a transparent base for our eyeshadow, it is not sticky though. The one I'm using is the Purple color one, I see nothing after I massage it on my eyelid. 

My Rating

Milky Dress Mascara
❤Fresh eye look with no clump
❤ Deep eye look with black coating
❤ Strong curling with fix effect
❤ Perfect volume and longer lashes

The mascara brush forms a flat and curve side, the curve side for us to brush our eyelashes while the flat side for us to stays on the eyelashes to make it lift up our eyelashes!


Always prefer mascara that's not too "watery" because it takes time to dry, this is my first time use Milky Dress's beauty products, it does what it has promised. I only apply one layer of mascara coat and it makes my eyelash look so much longer and adhere. I dont have any down eyelashes so I can only curl the upper one, after curl my eyelash with my curler follow with mascara, my eyes look so 3D and dynamic now *haha* eventually lifted up my eyelashes!

*Please ignore my bushy eyebrow, gonna trim it soon*
My Thought
When I took out the mascara brush, I thought it was dry out inside the mascara tube, because it looks like nothing on the brushes, I don't see any mascara gel on the brushes and a little bit dry too. Didn't bother much and continue to apply it on my eyelashes and *tadaaaa* it surprised me!

Totally loving the mascara! Honestly, this is so much better than the one I'm using all this while which is Kate's mascara, comparatively is more "watery" and took so long time to dry, it is so difficult for me because I always blink my eyes and hence, the mascara will stick on my face each time I blink *lol* I'm not a person that always put on mascara when I wanted to put it is always the last step of my makeup and then you know I will just eventually forget! *haha*

My Rating

❤ Ideal for pale looking lips
❤ Long lasting lip colour

It comes in with a very handy size, with a seal on the cover, as well as user guide on the box of the lip tattoo. When I saw have to leave it for like 15 to 20 minutes then I started to regrets why I didn't apply it on my first step of makeup! You are advise to apply it after put on some lip balm follow with a lip tattoo, because it takes time to dry out before you can actually peel it off. 
Wanted to create a korean-trendy lip look! but failed! *haha*
In chinese we call it as 咬唇妝, like the inner part of your lips have a deeper color follow with a bright color on the outer part. But eventually it didn't form the results that I want, so after I peeled off the I just apply one layer of lip gloss, to make my lips look juicy & *yummy?* *haha*

My Thought
This is my first time trying lip tattoo, so when I open the cap of the lip tattoo, I smells a very strong smell of glue which makes me feel a little bit of nausea. It smells exactly same like glue, when I apply it on my lips I was actually putting on glue-with-color on my lips! *haha*

Besides of this, I was satisfied with the long lasting formula, where I don't have to remind myself  and look at the mirror to put on lipstick all the time! Time saving! *yeeppieeee*

My Rating

Tony Molly's Makeup Fixer
❤ Sets makeup in place with a long-wearing formula
❤ Keep our skin moisturize without worrying about smudging 
❤ Contains western rose water, crown sap, birch sap, lotus extract and lemon extract that leaves our skin with a dewy look. 
❤ Micro spraying power allows for a fine and even mist

My Thought
Didn't purchase any makeup fixer before, but I have seen many beauty lovers like to use it after putting on the makeup, to make sure the makeup stays on our face throughout the whole day. I have tried to use a non-makeup fixer but a normal face mist to act as a makeup fixer, it only moisturize my skin but my makeup doesn't stays *lol*

One spray is sufficient enough to spray evenly throughout my face, it comes with a very light flower scent, I love the scent as well. It keeps my skin dewy until night time and I discovered that my face burst oil is not as much as when I didn't use the makeup fixer. On the first time I try this makeup fixer I actually didn't use any oil blotting sheet on that day! Which means this makeup fixer can actually protect our skin and you can now go inside water without worrying your makeup will smudge and fades off! *teeheeee*

Will try it out one day with all these products and wore it to the swimming pool and swim!

My Rating

Took this picture on the night time and I didn't touch up my makeup on that day. 

My Comments
♡ My mascara have smudge a little bit, my eyelashes still looks curve and long.
♡ My eyelids did actually look like with a coat of oil, but the eyeshadow was still remains there. 
♡ My skin still look matte and dewy but a little bit of oily, but the part below my eyes *wrinkle* has become a little bit of cakey ><"
♡ While my lips part still have a little bit of pinkish but it doesn't look glossy and juicy *haha*

Highly recommend this set of beauty products to those that have oily skin like me as well as lazy because you doesn't need to touch up your makeup for many times *haha* and those that wanted to go for vacation and expose to the sun all the time and wanted to have a very beautiful makeup throughout whole day! or wanted to go into water with makeup, this set of k-beauty products are definitely must have!

Althea's Beauty Life Guard Box | RM108

Overall Rating

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