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 Hello guys! Another post about Butterfly Project party! Yes. This was the second party that I have attend the first party, you may read it here. This party was slightly different with the previous one, it was a collaboration with the co-sponsors from many brands! Will show u guys later in this post!

Anyhow, thank you for inviting me "again"! I didn't expect that I'm invited! Couldn't get over the excitement when I received the invitation! Yayy! The second party was held at the same venue which is Hello Deer, Damansara Uptown, a place which decorated with pink and blue theme, a place that can fit up to 50 pax of guests! So, if you have no idea where to throw your party you may consider this place! ☺

What is Happening During the Party?
We are served with good food and drinks! With some light dessert as well. 

cute-mini-pinkish cupcake!❤

Besides of enjoying the food! We also have a session that every butterflies got to introduce themselves with their blog link, and when we join The Butterfly Project! The most exciting session is to unbox or unbag? our birthday bag! This time we have up to 10++ of sponsors, a tote bag filled with loads of happiness!

Yippieee!I'm bringing all these back home!

We also have best makeup and also best unboxing Instagram sharing! Congratulations to the winners!

Look at these pretty girl with their prizes! Congrats *firework*

Gliz & Glam Studiobooth
G & G Studiobooth | Worth Priceless

Yayy! So happy when we saw there is a photobox prints at the party! The have a really high-quality photograph printed out from the photo machine! Bunch of props are available too! 

Loads of props for us to choose and pick! Favorite one gonna be FOREVER 18!

G & G Studiobooth | Photobox Print
Price: -
Hastag: #gngstudiobooth 

Wanderlust Things
Unicorn Brush | RM 89

It is made from the finest unicorn hair & strong unicorn horn handle! The hair was so dreamy! Besides of purple it also has pinkish color as well. These set of unicorn brushes get really "hot" after Tarte has launched their unicorn brushes that comes with a not-so affordable price, for me *sob*

If you would love to purchase one set you may key in this code "BUTTERFLY04" to enjoy 10% discount on any products, discount code valid until end of June! They even have the mermaid tail blanket for sale!

Unicorn Face / Eye Makeup Brush 
Price: RM 89
Hastag: #wanderlustthings

W. Lab
Pocket Shadow Palette Blooming | RM 90

An eyeshadow palette that is created with the beauty of flowers and made with various kind of flower extracts. The colors of the palette contains of 10 beautiful colors, either it was matte or shimmer. Really like natural colors palette!

It was so oran-geee! and I really love the colors! The brush even though look small and tiny, but it was so help, especially when I want to draw angle shadows~ because I don't own a set of eye-brushes!

When I got this I thought it was just a palette with shadows, but it comes with a brush as well! 

Pocket Shadow Palette Blooming
Price: RM 90 
Hashtag: #Wlab

Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara | RM 59.90

Mascara is a must for me! Especially those that can magnify my eyelashes like 1028 does. 1028 mascara has a diamond-shaped brush that coats the lashes from the root to top, lift up every single eyelashes. It is available at Watsons Malaysia.

Didn't heard of this brand before, but I have seen some beauty bloggers was using this brand's products! I have so much of mascara, shall I give this away as a give-away to my readers? x) 

Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara 
Price: RM 59.90
Hashtag: #1028_my

Dolly Wink
Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black | RM 69.90

If you love to draw eyeliner like me! This is a MUST-HAVE! I'm using Dolly Wink liquid liner brown, one with the mint-blue body! It still remains as my favorite! This is so easy-to-use, with the formula of quick dry, waterproof liquid eyeliner, resistance to water, sweat, tears and sebum=oil

and now I have a black one! *happy* *peace*

and I swear this is one of my favorite liquid eyeliner, the first one will be k-palette's tattoo liquid eyeliner, second one will be Dolly Wink's! Have not try this super black before, maybe it was really super black so it is call Super Black! ha-ha

Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black 
Price: RM 69.90
Hashtag: #DollyWinkMalaysia

Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner | RM 39

Another liquid eyeliner at an affordable price! You may use this eyeliner to create the cat eyes of yours without smearing the eyes for a whole day! *ngawwww* This sounds promising! Perhaps I should do a review soon! *wink*

Btw, if you haven hear about this brand before you may press here for more info. ☺

Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner
Price: RM 39
Hashtag: #MamondeMy

Floral Hydro Mist | RM 49

I have heard so much good review about this product! finally got to try it myself! The mist was so so so so fine! You don't feel anything on your face even after you spray it for like two times! This spray mist turns the heat down with its cooling effect while replenishing & moisturizing our skin with Daffodils extracts + mineral water! The scent of flower is so calming!

Floral Hydro Mist
Price: RM 49
Hashtag: #MamondeMy

Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich | RM 48.90

Boost your skin instantly with this extra rich serum moisturizing mask! I'm not kidding the serum was so "rich"! Until you can apply it on your elbow ankle and neck! I was given the chance to try this from SASA Malaysia! So, yeah it is available at SASA Malaysia.

Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich 5 pcs 
Price: RM 48.90
Hashtag: #HadabiseiMy

UV Defense SPF 50 | RM 48.70

I know this brand because their ambassador was Ella Chen 陳嘉樺, one of the member from S.H.E! This UV defense can soothe, hydrate & protect our skin from sun's harmful rays with the non-greasy, broad septum sunscreen which is suitable for all skin types.

UV Defense SPF 50
Price: RM 48.70

Hashtag: #MyClinelle

PureSwiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask | RM 75.90

One of Clinelle best seller which has the cooling, refreshing effects that able to hydrate and brighten up our skin overnight. Water droplets form on skin to provide instant hydration.

PureSwiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask
Price: RM 75.90
Hashtag: #MyClinelle

Hot Body Shapper Cream| RM89.90

Take the 7-day body shaping challenge to reduce cellulite, flatten tummy, shape, firm and tone down our body. Roller ball head to message the flabs away. I'm using this every night, but on and off, let's see what's gonna happen to my flabby tummy soon!

Hot Body Shapper Cream 
Price: RM 89.90
Hashtag: #MyClinelle

Climacool Shower Gel | RM 10.90
Climacool Deodorant | RM 4.99

Stay fresh all day long with the innovative shower gel with motion-activated fresh capsules that break upon fiction/ touch to release "freshness" as you move! While deodorant is use after the shower gel, it also release "freshness" as we move!

Climacool Shower Gel 
Price: RM 10.90
Hastag: #AdidasBodyCareMY

Climacool Deodorant
Price: RM 4.99
Hastag: #AdidasBodyCareMY

The Simple Photobook 6x6 Hardcover | RM 79
50 x 4R Prints | RM 25
Download and create your own beautiful photobook! Even myself is using Photobook to create my own album! Loving their efficient service, with high quality of photo prints! They are even available with mobile app! *wheee*

The Simple Photobook 
Price: RM 79
Hashtag: #Photobookapp

50 x 4R Prints
Price: RM 25
Hashtag: #Photobookapp

Orkid Cosmetics
Liquid Lipsticks | RM 39 each
Orkid Cosmetics is a Halal beauty brand created by a local blogger, Their matte suede liquid lipsticks have been the talk of the town! omg! The moment when I saw these matte lipsticks I was so so happy! Can't wait to try it out!

Liquid Lipsticks
Price: RM 39
Hashtag: #orkidcosmetics

Cleansing Set | RM 39

Neesya is a certified halal brand that is very popular! I have seen this brand before at Watsons Malaysia. This brightening sets come with a 100ml Gel Cleanser & 75ml Enzymatic Refiner scrub, it can helps to brighten up or dull looking skin as well as to revive it.

I have not try this cleansing set, but it looks promising!

Neesya Cleansing Set
Price: RM 39
Hashtag: #NeesyaSkinCare

Pax Moly
Aloe Vera Soothing Gel | RM 29.90

Aloe Vera known to be able to soothe & cool down our skin, where Pax Moly's aloe vera is from Jeju Island. This light, moisturizing & refreshing gel contains vitamins & amino acids as well!

When it comes to Aloe Vera gel, the first brand that's pop out to our mind of Nature Republic, but anyhow why not give other brand a try? I'm currently using the one from Face Shop, so the next one gonna use is from Pax Moly!

Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
Price: RM 29.90
Hashtag: #PaxMolyMalaysia

That's a the end for all the products that we have got to review during Butterfly Project's party! In the next upcoming posts, will share the top 3 products that I LOVE THE MOST among all these!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Very Happening! How to join The Butterfly Project?

  2. I love all the products there - hopefully I can come up with a review too soon. I love reading your review here!

  3. Congratulations for this event! Tammy really knows how to party and make her guest happy and pampered.

  4. Love the event a lot! Nice meeting you there

  5. I join this party two year ago when I still in Kl. Hopefully can join next year.

  6. Such a lovely party! Happy birthday butterfly!~ It's a great pleasure to be part of butterfly community!