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Hello~~ I'm back in an English blogpost! If you have follow me on my social media (Instagram), I bet you guys have notice about my live update during the event! This was to celebrate Butterfly Project for being 4 years old! Didn't manage to join last year due to certain reason, and was so regrets on that, swear to myself that no matter how, I have to participate this year! To celebrate this joy with every butterflies!

Beautiful Mamasan- Tammy Lim
I still remember the first event that I have join during the blogging journey is organized by Butterfly Project which is Rohto Eyedrop. Thank You *90 degree bow* to the founder Tammy. Yes. She manage this group and community on her own, from creating the community's logo to find sponsors, send out invitations. Appreciate so much. The place where every butterfly grow from a caterpillar and survive on their own, including myself.

This year, we are so honor to have Jerlynn' L as our main sponsor for the first party at Hello Deer, Damansara Uptown. Theme of the party was garden theme, everyone dress in yellow with a flower headband. Of cause, the dessert bar was set up in yellow as well. 

A Yellow Color Backdrop

There is even a runway in the middle of the tables and chairs for "fashion show"? haha

Jerlynn' L
I found the story of how Jerlynn' L was founded, is very much interesting, so here to share a little bit about Jerlynn' L with you all! Jerlynn' L was created by a father that have a really strong will wanted to protect and provide daily care products for his precious children, that inspired from a male Chidori bird, that spends a big part of its life away from family to search a safe place to build the family nest.

Hence, he realised that the best way to protect and care his children was to create with quality, customised child-safe and paraben products for everyone not only his children. Jerlynn' L has formulate skin cares that not only restore skin healthiness but also to protect our skin before any skin problems has arise. 

I bet some of you might not heard of this brand before, including myself previously but I think if you guys have shop at Mid Valley Megamall before, you must have pass-by their shop before! A very beautiful stall decorated like a garden in front of Flipflop!

Chin Yee- A beautiful lady from the marketing team of Jerlynn'  L with her members, has explained to us the beauty of Jerylnn' L. 

Jerlynn' L known to be a safe heaven for Family, where the products are all paraben-free, with high grade of essential oil as well as a very strict control of materials from source to production. 

Besides that, it has 4 times Ceramide III which helps to attract and retain moisture in skin and helps to improve our skin's elasticity. The best one is no matter which age group you falls in, Jerlynn' L products are suitable for all age group.

The main ingredients of Jerlynn' L product is Plants & Herbs Extract, which comes from the natural plants, that able to provide calmness physically and mentally. The products has use the highest grade of essential oil to bring the fragrance, instead of the artificial ones. Personally, really like products due to environmental and user friendly. 

One of their best selling product will be their "Bug No More" in another word mosquitoes repellent which made from the natural extract of Citronella, Spearmint, Basil, Lavender and Rosemary. 

Without further ado let's start with unboxing! The most exciting part was everyone doesn't know what's inside, and we unbox it TOGETHER! Some of the butterflies even do live streaming but too bad my line was too sucks! So, only manage to do video unboxing *sob*

I'm so excited, the moment I unbox it, so much love from Jerylnn' L! With their Signature Body Wash, Hair Wash, Daily Moisture Lotion and etc. ! ❤

Price List 
"Bug No More" RM 49 ; "Body Wash Plant & Herbs Extract" RM 119 ; "Daily Moisture Lotion Plant & Herbs Extract" RM 49 ; "Hair Wash Mild Moisturing" RM 79 ; "Hair Conditioner & Detangler" RM 79 ; "Face Moisture Soothing Cream" RM 119.

After the unboxing session we have a group photograph, blow candles and mingle chatting walking around~ Catch up with the butterflies~ 

Two of the best dress winners during the party, literally both of them have become the mascot of the party! Left (Grace Myu) dress in a yellow gown, reminds everyone of Belle in Beauty & the Beast. Right (Rawlin) like Angelina Jolie in Maleficient!

Yayy! It's a wrap! Thank You Tammy mama with the team for making this party happening! You guys are so awesome!

Lastly, I would love to take this opportunity to thank you Tammy for never giving up every single chance to provide us little caterpillar for growing. I believe that every caterpillar wouldn't be able to make it till this day, without your invisible support and encouragement by providing opportunities for us caterpillar to grow and building network for us. Thank You ❤

Jerylnn' L

The Butterfly Project

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