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<Natural Aqua Gel Cure>
Ever wonder what are the products beside scrub that can remove deadskin as well? It is Cure Natural Aqua Gel known to be SASA No. 1 Best Seller

I have heard of many good reviews about a Deadskin Remover or another word Peeling Gel from Japan, where when we gently massage it all over our face, it would eventually turns to be rubber and it helps to remove dead skins. I thought it can only be bought in Japan, I never know that Cure from SASA have such product with the same application and benefit as well!

For Your Information, Cure is a brand from Japan as well, which is well-known as a Dead Skin Removal!

Natural Aqua Gel Cure is known to be a remarkable skin care product with a few characteristic which is fragrance-free, color free and preservative free.
No worries of harming our skin.
It is also known to be able to prevent oxidation due to it is made from activated hydrogen water where it able to catches waste dead skin on our skin surface and eventually remove it.

RM115 | 250 g

Natural Aqua Gel Cure  No.1 Best Seller of SASA, several awards that had been awarded 
-"Vi Vi" 2007 January issue awarded No.1 product by readers
-"Vi Vi" 2007 August issue awarded No. 1 cosmetic product in Hokkaido region
-"Hontou ni yokatta Cosme" awarded No. 2 peeling product of 2006 & 2007
-Cosme awarded No.1 Prize in the Peeling Category

Let's begin with testing the product on my hand! 
The product itself is very crystal clear odorless where 91% of the product is made from Hydrogen water which is made from Purified Water which has no artificial colors and preservative. 

I gently massage it, and it slowly turns out to become rubber like, at the mean time of massaging it reacts to protein (old dead skin) and remove it from the surface. 


  •  Wash your face and dry well, then apply a dab of Natural Aqua Gel Cure on the finger and apply it to the desired area (face).

  • Massage it on a circular motion for about 1 minute and the gel will slowly turns into liquid and become white like picture above. Then, rinse off the dead skin with lurke water and continue with skin cares products. 

I can feel my skin now is so much cleaner compared with solely using the cleansing product. It is recommended to use only 2 times per weak to avoid any irritation or discomfort.
 It is suitable to all type of skins, for a combination skin type people like me, I have no problem with the product. 

If you doesn't know that, skin problems are mainly cause by dead skin cells, therefore, it is relatively important to remove deadskin from our face. for the sake of a problem skin so, what you waiting for? 
It is now available for purchase in all SASA stores in Malaysia!

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