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Dear Althea & Santa Althea,

Christmas is one of the most waited festive of the year, though I didn't celebrate but still hoping that this year's Christmas will be filled with abundance of surprise and little pressie too! *hinting Santa Althea* *wink wink* 

All I want for Christmas is... EVERYTHING from Althea! Ehermm I know one's can't be too greedy, so I have list down my need and some of my want haha Hoping to be one of the lucky one! *Fingers crossed*

The first item goes to *drum roll*! The SAEM- Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 
the SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer, #2 Natural Beige
Just like how the name is, this product is one of my MUST use during my makeup, where after reading lots of review about this product, so I have decided to get myself one from Althea last time, and it remains as my favorite product until now. I feel that my makeup ain't gonna be complete and perfect without this product! I swear!

Following by Banila Co Prime Primer
Banila Co Prime Primer, Classic
It is not until my favorite Runningman member- Song JiHyo became the ambassador of this brand I never know about Banila Co. I admit that, one of the reason I support Banila Co is because of her another reason is because of the as-of-it promised quality of the product itself! After trying the Banila Co. Clean it Zero, I know that I should get myself to try their Primer too!

When I was surveying about Cushion, I got attracted to this Chica-Y-Chico Matt Cushion
Chica-Y-Chico Matt Cushion, No. 23 Medium Beige 
I read through the reviews and descriptions about the product and found out that this should be My-Cushion! I always encounter the problem of "without oil control paper" I FEEL SUPERB UNCOMFORTABLE! Having greasy and cakey face and I'm a person which is very lazy to touch up makeup, constantly looking for products that can stay all day long! *face palm* 
I know this will no longer be a problem for me, if I have this Matt Cushion! *woohoo*
Althea Santa please send this over to me! Gonna really appreciate it!

Next is Too Cool For School Highlighter
Too Cool For School By Radin Highlighter
Why I want to get myself another highlighter? I have spoiled my Nella Aura Highlighter from Althea *sob*
The pinky-pinkish design of the highlighter attracts me the most! Most important is it comes in three different tone in one small pallet that can be use separately to highlight and even use it as a blusher on my face as well! 

Tadaaa! Next is Pony Effect Nice Shading
Pony Effect Nice Shading, Crony 
I bet every girl know her- Pony! Famous K-beauty guru, that I admire the most for a long time. Been eyeing on this item for quite some time but didn't manage to get myself one, as the price is a little bit pricey for me *sob*
but! I still want to put it on my Wishlist! Saw a multiple times this product appear on Pony's make-up tutorials, the effect of this product is so amazing, it not only can be use to contour face but it can even act as an eye contour as well, need to get a separate product!

Follow by Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
The most recommended sleeping mask by many beauty bloggers and beauties! I have used up mine and thinking to get myself to try another brand of sleeping mask, and I was recommend to get Laneige one's. Prefer to go for sleeping mask that doesn't need to wash off, yeah I'm kinda lazy lol Hoping to get myself one to try, I was amazed of the good reviews and feedback of this product and would love to try it on my own!

One last product on my wishlist-Mise-en-scène Perfect Repair Serum
Mise-en-scène Perfect Repair Serum

Knew about this product because it appear in one of my favorite k-drama "My Love from the Stars", starred by Jun Ji-Hyun (Cheon Song Yi)! After the drama this product has become so famous in Korea and even get awarded by Cosmo Beauty Awards! I got a very frizzy and damaged hair due to using styling products and dying-hair, been looking for a hair serum that can heals my hair! Saw this serum promise with 100% satisfaction in 3 days, hope it helps and works on my hair huhu

Dear Santa Althea,
Hoping to get all these for Christmas this year! Not sure whether all these can be put in a box but I know Santa's Little Helpers gonna help me to squeeze everything into the box! *90 Degree Bow*


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