What Do You Guys Think?

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Hello guys! 
This post is not a review, event or etc. post, it is just my personal experience sharing after an event I have attended. It been some time for me didn't write some posts which are non-commercial. I hope to get some feedback and comments from you all neither you are a blogger, influencer, reader and etc. 
So, my thought after the end of the event
  • First, it was said to be a paid event, however, after that it has become a non-paid, yes, I was informed for that. I was like "it's okay, just go and learn something new". Then, it happened to be that NON-STOP & continuous of reminders. If you are so afraid that I will ffk, why should you invite me at first? You know when that happened, you get frustrated and annoying as well, just one day before the event a small reminder will be fine. It is up to me whether I want ffk last minute or not right? Yeah I did feel like want to ffk
>> Yeah. I personally doesn't like non-stop reminders or rush me to do something.
  • Second, request for "MUST" Facebook, Instagram & Blog sharing after the event has end. Okay, fine. Maybe I'm stupid, feeling like kena utilized lol Yeah. I don't feel like attend the event especially after the incident of non-stop reminders, but because of giving "you" face, I attend. I agreed for that so I won't grumble much. 
  • Third,  on that day itself I thought I have attended some kind of "HARD SELL" WORKSHOP. Maybe is just me feel so? From beginning until the end of the workshop, I doesn't know how many times I have heard of the so-called advertisements and keep promoting of the products. I thought it was a launching of the new cushion & also a workshop, I doesn't know it was a "Selling" event. If the guests are interested they will come to you and ask to know more about the products. Maybe from a perspective of a guest or a customer you won't feel abnormal but from a perspective of a "media" I feel so. 
  • Forth, WOW I was surprised that there are some kind of blogger level categories which is "celebrities blogger" and "non-celebrities blogger", pardon with me I doesn't know that. Okay. If you just want the appearance of celebrities bloggers then why invite a-tiny-small-red-bean--blogger? You are trying to fool us is it? So, it happen like this by the time the event end, so we just decided to leave and halfway received a call ask us to go back and get for their new cushion, so we just walk back, After 15 minutes, received another call and say "sorry that cushion is JUST FOR celebrity blogger" and yeah we walk back and return it back. "OMG" do you know how awkward and embarrass for that? If doesn't confirm and not sure please clarify before giving us a call and asking us to go back. Do you know what is call respect? We are not famous not popular but we still deserve to get respect.
  • So, any advices or comments you guys would love to drop me or you have similar experience? I would like to hear from you all. What I have wrote is what I have experienced, sincere and true. No offence. This is a sharing of my personal experience. 

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