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<Legend of Tea>
Legend of Tea is known to be Malaysia's second largest in Specialise Tea and Tea Art Retail business, "Legend of Tea".

The founder Mr Ng Shu Loong not only dedicated his life in bringing out the essence of tea art but also holds deep concern in tea art culture that will promote healthy lifestyle in today's society and culture.

Through out the years of hard work, risk taking, dedication and commitment towads his work; Mr Ng experienced many monets of ups and downs in the journey of building his vision.

We have visited the outlet at Sunway Pyramid which is situated at Lower Ground 1
(left-side Full House)

Table and chairs set up

There is also a corner that sells Tea

There is a large menu board.

Surrounding was decorated with the tradition of Tea Art.

Menu of Matcha Ice-cream

Menu of Beverage

Different toppings for different combinations.

The one we ordered is Double Rainbow Delight, RM9.90

Personal Opinion:
  1. The matcha taste is so original, I like the texture so much.
  2. The smarties taste a little bit weird, might be due to "I didn't eat smarties for a long time!" haha
  3. I like the combination with marshmallow, the level of sweetness is adequate, is not very sweet, suitable for a not-so-sweet-tooth people like me!
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