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Flaunt Your Beautiful Best with Skin-Loving Color Cosmetics

Kji & Co. is one of the leading suppliers of semi-permanent color cosmetics and cosmeceutical products in the world.
The main mission of Kji & Co. is to empower women to be at their beautiful best through quality affordable products that care for their well-being; vision is a world with women from all walks of life enjoying their beauty and living a fulfilling life achieving their dreams. 

Where we pride ourselves in offering discerning customers a range of quality cosmetic products carefully created using tomorrow's technology for outstanding beauty today. 

Serving the international market, we have brightened and beautified the lives of millions customers in countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, USA, UK and now we are reaching out to more. 
#1 Lip Stayss- Dolly Blush, RM 26.80

Lip Staysss are known to be Lasting Color & Moisturising Comfort!
It is available in 3 colors which is Baby Pink, Seductress (Dark Pink) and Dolly Blush (Light Coral) and it is formulated in Japan!

  1. Ensure lips are clean and dry before application
  2. Open the shorter pink cap to access the lip balm
  3. Gently twist the longer pink end to push the product outwards
  4. Apply onto lips and wait a few seconds before apply additional layers
  5. Keep layering until you achieve desired tone and intensity

  1. 100% Natural Ingredients.
  2. Quick-drying, long-lasting formulation.
  3. Lightweight buttery texture for ultimate comfort.
  4. Natural colors layer easily for greater intensity
  5. Lasts up to 4 hours - 50% longer than conventional lipsticks

  1. The price is affordable for a Japanese lip-balm products.
  2. The packaging is so adorable where it comes in with a small tube instead of solely the lipbalm!
  3. The lipbalm does keep my lip soft and smooth for several hours (unless I took my lunch so I ate it) lol
  4. Dolly Blush looks a bit more towards baby pink where it looks so natural and and and it taste great! ha-ha-ha I like the strawberry scent as well. 


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