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<Application: BEAUTYLABO>
 Self D.I.Y at home is much more easy and convenient than going to saloon (for me). Loving the new packaging of Beautylabo that comes in 6 colors , mine is Maple Brown. If you haven't read my previous blogpost, you may click here.

Step 1:
Pour the developer into the shaker.

Step 2:
Follow by the colorant.

Step 3:
Shake the mixing shaker 30 times strongly with both hands.

Step 4:
Continue to shake the mixing shaker even if you feel nothing at all. Slowly open the cap and start to apply the foam on your dry hair. Leave your hair for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

-Change hair parting while continue application.
-Apply behind ears, nape or the neck and sideburns with an upward motion.
-Use an appropriate amount of "Vaseline" around ears, neck and hairline to prevent skin from staining.
-Do it under room temperature (NO air-conditioner/ inside bathroom lol)
-It is more suitable to dye hair after rebounding/ perming (NOT BEFORE).

My End Results

Personal Opinion:
  1. I'm very satisfied with the hair color, as for my length of hair I should have use 2 bottles instead of one, however, the results are quite surprising to me. There is only "one" part which I didn't manage to color it haha (it's okay, not obvious though).
  2. Compared with the previous brand that I have used before (L***e), the color application is actually more gentle. 
  3. Beautylabo contains four fruits extracts (Peach Juice, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice & Apple Juice), you wouldn't smell a very strong smells during the application. 
My Rating:

For More Information:

Telephone: 03- 6203 2251/ 1252
You may place your order here  

Hope you guys enjoy reading! xoxo

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