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Bancream cover-gel is a bestselling gel in Thailand which can be found in Watson and Guardian Malaysia. It uses natural formula without any drug. Cover gel create both Venotonic and Lipolytivc effects which can stimulate better blood circulation for the applied area and metabolic rate can be increased.

The features of the cover-gel is reduce cellulite or the orange peel skin, reduce stretch mark and burn excess fat.It gives aromatic sense and relax feeling. The results is effective and can be seen within 7 - 14 days. 

The cream can be applied twice a day which is morning and night after shower. The application areas are tight, tummy, buttocks and arms. For faster results, proper diet and regulation exercise are recommended. 

Bancream Cover Gel is awarded with "Female Beauty Awards, 2015"

It can be applied to our thighs, tummy, buttock and arms.

It is also guaranteed with Money Back Guarantee of 30 Days

My Results
So, I have actually take up for the 25 days challenge to see whether this products work on me or not. Picture tells a thousand words! Although I'm applying it on and off and I don't really control my diet, however, I have realized there is a slight changes to my big-fat-tummy. So, I will continue to use this product until I actually finish it, and will update here of the end results of finishing the product! 

Personal Opinion:
  1. I really like the scent of the products where at first I thought it was the scent of some kind of medicine.
  2. It gives my tummy a cooling effect where I applied around my tummy after shower, and I can feel the burning effects on my tummy as well.
  3. Easy application, where I just need to squeeze for an appropriate amount and apply on the area where I want to burn the extra fats. 



For More Information:
Website: http://www.bancream.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BancreamMY/
You may place your order here 

Hope you guys enjoy reading!xoxo

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