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Homestay is definitely the right choice when you are travelling with your family members, relatives and friends in a huge number. Everyone get to gather under a comfy home, chit-chatting together.

During our Ipoh trip, we actually checked in to this Homestay which is at Gunung Rapat. 

The Jukebox is the main attraction of this homestay where the guests can insert coin and select the song which you wanted it to play. It is actually fun! Let's tour around with me of this homestay!

The Living Hall

Kitchen(equipped with basic utensils) 

Bathroom (one with water heater; one doesn't) 

Airconditioned Room 1 (with toilet) 

Airconditoned Room 2 (without toilet) 

Airconditioned Room 3 (without toilet) 

Dressing Table (only one out of 3 rooms)

Breakfast (owner is kind enough to provide breakfast) 

 Contact Details 

 Nearby Attractions

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Personal Opinion:
  1. Honest feedback to my readers, if you are reading this you may want to know what's my staying experience and feedback of this Homestay, although this is a sponsored post. 
  2. First, the overall environment of the homestay is not bad and really comfy, however, it might not be easy for people like me that always need water heater to shower. Therefore, I find it is not convenient to have only one water heater for 2 bathroom.
  3. Take note that there is only one private bathroom and one share bathroom. 
  4. Take note that there is only one dressing table out of 3 rooms. LOL
  5. There is only one bathroom with shower head another bathroom is "tangki" water. 
  6. Each room have 1 single bed and 1 double bed, there are 3 rooms which means it can at least stay up to 9 people for an average of RM300++ (price from agoda) per night, it is consider very affordable.
  7. Maybe I shouldn't request much or compare a homestay with a hotel or a hostel; however, overall the basic amenities and equipments are available. 

Hygiene: ★★★☆☆
Location: ★★★★★
Environment: ★★★★★

Hope you guys enjoy reading! xoxo

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