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 Achieving beautiful coloring results and natural shine with THE NEW BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLOR
BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLOR has just arrived with its new improved technology. Offering easier application and better coloring results from your home sweet home. 

In conjunction with the 111th anniversary of celebrating the birth of Hoyu, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the latest product BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLOR.

Hoyu was established in 1905 as MIZUNO KANKUDOU, a manufacturer of home medicine. In the 100 years since we marketed our first hair color products NIWAKARASU in 1909, we have evolved into a manufacturer of hair care products, speacilising in color products, and with the desire to deliver products which makes customers "Look Younger, Become Beautiful and Stay Healthy".
The consumer product brands such as "Bigen, Cielo, Beauty Labo and ProMaster", have gained much popularity with the customers. 

 There are 6 colors that are available in Watsons Malaysia.

The new BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLORis better formulated with improved foam quality. The improved whipped foam is finer and thicker for a more even and beautiful color results. With the new formulated fine and thick whipped foam, it helps color our hair more evenly.

New formulated BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLOR comes in liquid color base and liquid developer to ensure the mixture is well blended.
 Among the 6 colors, Maple Brown 4-0 tands as the hero product.

Official Launch of Beautylabo Whip Hair Color

Beautiful Emcee- Ms. Thanuja 

The hairstylist and Ms. Vanessa (Ms. Universe 2015) is demonstrating on how to use the Beutylabo Whip Hair Color. 

Sharing session with the beautiful ladies. 

 High-tea session

Stay-tuned at my blog for product review! Will color my hair with the new Beautylabo Whip Hair Color
For More Information:
Telephone: 03- 6203 2251/ 1252
You may place your order here  

Hope you guys enjoy reading!xoxo

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