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iMiirage Ipoh
iMiirage provides the guests with a brand new dining experience, where we get to enjoy our meal surrounded with the 270- degree Full HD LED video projection of three different theme. 

It was founded by Mr. Andy Goh, where to own a restaurant with such concept and design was his dream when he was young.  Therefore, his dream has came true where he have spent about 2 million in building this restaurant. 

The restaurant has now become one of the landmark or hot-spot in Ipoh where tourists would like to pay a visit.

iMiirage was one of the restaurant that I have visited during my short-getaway with PromoteLa team and other bloggers. It was my honor to get to try their new menu on first hand, besides, it was also my first time dining in the restaurant. 

There are three different theme, where initially I thought it was only one.
Where the time table of the theme as follow:

7:30am - 12:00pm |Hong Kong View|
12:00pm - 10:00 pm |Japan Under-water World, Paris|
Where the theme change accordingly every 20 minutes. 

Let's start food journey with me!

#1 Mac & Cheese 
|Kid Meal, favorite dish for kids, full of cheese macaroni|

#2 Spanish Paela
|Ingredients which include prawns, blue mussels, clams and etc.|

#3 Pork Duet
|Iberico paired with handmade Apple Cider sauce & with chef's recipe sauce. Only use pork belly and match with BBQ sauce|

#4 Fagitas
|Specially dedicated for Vegetarian, cheese baked with lots of veggies such as eggplant, mushrooms, carrots and cucumber|

#5 Wagyu "Au Poivre"
|Use tenderloin marinated with pepper, grill until medium and form a "Black-pepper Crust", and match with an unique sauce|

#6 Rossini
|Iberico (pork) with foie gras. Paired with speacial handmade red wine sauce. Iberico cooked in medium rare which performs the best texture|

#7 Honey & Mustard Chicken
|Marinated with honey, grain mustard and balsamic vinegar|

#8 Secreto
|Cook with Mediterranean style, grilled and paired with special herbs|

#9 Chicken Charmeula
|Grilled with special herbs and spices|

#10 Cauliflower Cheese 
|Suitable for vegetarian, where it is mixed with pasta|

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Staff: ★★★★★

Hope you guys enjoy reading!

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