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Hello guys!! 
About my topic today "Beauty Tips For An Interview" doesn't matter it is internship, job interview or etc. It is always advisable to prepare yourself in a perfect situation!
I have went for several job interviews formal/informal and internship last year, so I would like to share with you, how I actually prepare myself not in terms of mental but physical for an interview!

For your information, I have got a few calls for interview session for my internship, however, I only choose the best out of the few and prepared myself physically and mentally and so I strike
FIRST IMPRESSION is very important, so, no matter you are a girl or a guy, please prepare yourself before you go for an interview.

Although I am not expert in sharing about these, these are just my personal opinion and experience I have gained from the past interviews I have went through. 
So,  let's start from top to bottom of our toe!

What to do with our hair?

-Usually, I will wash my hair at night time, one day before if I have interview, presentation, date or etc, blow dry and comb nicely with proper hair care products and go to the bed.
TIP: Put a scarf (silk) on your pillow before you go to bed or wrap your hair with the scarf, whichever is more comfortable, it can actually protect our hair when we sleep. 

-Normally I will tied my hair up with pony tail or a bun and not putting on too many fancy-fancy hair accessories or letting my fringe to cover my face. Just a simple black head band with a pony is enough.

-I will spray some setting spray to avoid my "baby hair" from coming out, which can makes our overall hairstyle looks neat and tidy. Portray a professional impression!

What to do with our face?

- First, apply on my daily skin cares!
 Toner > Serum > Moisturizer > Sunscreen

-Second, apply for a light makeup!
  Primer > BB cushion > Concealer > Eyebrow > Eye-shadow > Eyeliner/ Mascara > Blush >   Lipstick

  • BB cushion (Is less time consuming compared with cream type of foundation) 
  • Concealer (To cover up our pimples, dark eye circle and etc. )
  • Eyebrow (Natural eyebrow look will be fine)
  • Eye-shadow (More recommend to use eye-shadow which is earth and natural color)
  • Eyeliner/Mascara (Choose either one, if you are lazy to touch up, and fear of smudging. like me lol)
  • Lipstick (I would prefer Lipstick than Lip-gloss/ Lip-tint which gives me more defined lips)
-Personal Opinion-

-Wake up 30 to 45 minutes earlier, when I need to makeup and prepare myself. Give ourselves extra time than rushing and try to avoid the jam, better early than late! Punctuality is important!

What to do with our hand?

- Do we really need to get manicure or pedicure before interview? Personally think that it is not necessary, but if you want you can do that.
- For me, I only put a layer of top coat or nude color nail polish to makes my nail look shine and clean. That's all.

What to do with our attire?

-One day before interview/ presentation, iron our formal clothes and hang it. Please avoid to rummage your wardrobe on the next day, and just randomly match with any formal clothes without ironing it!


  • Sleeve Suit + Skirt + Blazer + Heel
  • Sleeve Suit + Long Black Pants (NOT JEANS) + Coat + Formal Shoes

So, that's all I want to share! What I normally Do and Don't when there is an important event on the next day! Do drop me a comment, if you have greater and useful tips to share with everyone!

Wish me luck! Will be having my Final Year Solo Project Presentation soon!
Good Day!

-The End-

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