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Peripera is a total beauty brand that makes teenage girls even more beautiful!
It's all about Fast and Playful Beauty! 

I was so glad to be able to join for Peripera's "Peri's Ink Minimini Set Girl's Cabinet" launching party at Connoisseurs cafe! 
Beautifully decorated! So in love with the environment pinkish feel which makes me feel so young! 
Theme of the day is Retro!

The "Peri's Ink Minimini Set Girl's Cabinet"
There are foods, beverage and alcohol was served,
Mr. Charlie, the Emcee
English-Korean Translator
If you have read my previous post, you will know who is she. If you haven't you may click here
Yes. It is Ms. Song, Yeon-Bi
She have demonstrated on how to create Retro look with Peripera's cosmetics!
Ms. Yuth Gan (Miss Astro) 
Cake cutting ceremony with the Peri's girl!

The Peri's Girls

Fun and happening event on last Friday!
Last but not least, Thanks Peripera and Watsons Malaysia for the invite!❤️
Will be sharing more details of the Peri's Ink Minimini Set Girl's Cabinet on my upcoming post!
Please stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy reading! Thank You!
-The End-

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