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CLIO Professional 
CLIO Professional opening its own first flagship store in Seoul, South Korea in year 1998. 
CLIO strives to help women in finding their personal beauty, promoting self-confidence, freedom and individuality
It was made by the makeup artists for everyday wear, it is designed to be long lasting and convenient.
With CLIO products, there is no need of worry about touching up makeup constantly!
Yes. One of my favorite K-Beauty Brand *shhhhhh*:)

Part I: Introduction
Korean makeup workshop conducted by CLIO and SASA at SASA IOI City Mall.
A sharing session on Korean Latest Makeup Trend and CLIO new products!

CLIO makeup products was prepared for testing! 
CLIO Professional makeup cosmetics shelf at SASA
Ms. Song, Yeon-Bi
Make-up Artist and Chief Instructor of CLIO Cosmetics
A little introduction about Ms. Song,
M.A in Cosmetic and Beauty from Chung Ang University and a Doctor's Degree in Apparel Study from Konk Kik University.
Besides that, Ms. Song has also completed courses in Christian CHAUVEAU Makeup study, Paris Berlin Makeup study and also Jean Pierre Fleurimon Makeup study. 
Korean-English Translator

Continue reading, to know what's the latest 2016 makeup trend and some great tips for makeup!

Part II: Korean Make-up Step-by-Step Tutorial
Step 1: Foundation
#1 CLIO Kill Cover Airwear Protexture Foundation, RM139.60
-Is a liquid foundation that is ultra-soft with air light and fine texture
-Able to deliver a long lasting coverage for a smooth, soft and bright, complexion
TIP: Use the brush with the circling motion to create a flawless look when apply the foundation 

Step 2: Ampoule Cushion

#2 CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear, RM174.90
-It is more durable and long lasting for 24 hours.
-Oil control effects, with just a thin layer can gives a perfect complexion.
-Thin layer which makes you feel wearing nothing at all.
TIP: Use a stamping motion when apply the cushion.

Step 3: Concealer
#3 CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer
-Brighten up our skins, where can be use to apply at bright area.
-Doesn't need to cover another layer after concealing because the concealer is matte.
TIP: Use ring finger to tap on the concealer because it has the strong least strength

Step 4: Eyebrow

#4 CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, RM 95.30
-It gives a lasting tinted effect for perfectly tinted eyebrows.
-Compare to the ordinary eyebrow pencil it delivers 3 main functions (Coloring, Tattooing and Shaping).
TIP: Try to brush the eyebrows which makes the eyebrows stand vertically 

Step 5: Eyeliner
#5 CLIO Kill Black WaterProof Pen Liner,RM 59.25 
-Allows to create sharp and clean eye line with the new ink tank methods.
-Long lasting and waterproof eyeliner, suitable for oily-eyes people like me lol.
TIP: Smudge the end of the liner will makes the overall make-up look more natural
TREND 2016: Only draw the upper eye-tail and lower eye-inner edge.

Step 6: Gel Liner
#6 CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner, RM48.65
-Able to create a clear makeup with soft gel eyeliner pencil.
-It's smudge proof and waterproof pencil gel liner.
TIP: Use a pink gel liner to make the effect of eye-bag (窝馋).
I know right! Is very trendy nowadays to create a fake eye-bag lol!

Step 7: Mascara
#7 CLIO Salon De Cara, RM 69.85 
-Use the mascara to roll up for voluminous eyelashes.
-Strong and waterproof eyelash coating where it also contains Ceramide and Argan Oil.
TIP: Use a mascara curler before apply mascara.

Step 8: Lipstick & Blush

#8  CLIO Virgin Kiss Silkuid Lip, RM 74.20
-Able to create a silky matte finish because of the powdery texture.
-Two-in-One can use as a Lipstick and Blusher.
-Nickname: "Kiss Proof" (you get what I mean right? *chuckle*)
TIP: Apply the lipcolor using our ring finger/ lip brush from center of upper lip and moving outward with the motion of "tap tap tap" and repeat with lower lip.

Pretty Model with the Make-up Look done by Ms. Song

Foundation>Cushion>Concealer>Eyebrow>Eyeliner>Gel Liner>Mascara>Blush>Lipstick

Last but not least, thank you SASA Malaysia and CLIO for the invite to this wonderful workshop! I have learned many from the workshop! :)
I got so excited after the workshop and can't wait to try out the makeup look myself!
Will be doing a tutorial of Korean Makeup Look on my upcoming post!
For more information:
You may purchase it here 


Hope you enjoy reading!
Thank You!
-The End-

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