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WaKase is a new brand founded by a group of fashion lovers and industrial designer, dedicated to provide the best mobile accessory for contemporary life. 
WaKase phone cases was manufactured in Foxconn, it is a certified supplier of Apple Inc., the Supplier Code of Conduct is one of the strictest in the industry. 
However, WaKase did more than just holding the suppliers accountable to the standards- Like Apple, WaKase work with Apple to provide the support which are needed. 
-WaKase manufacture with the earth in mind-
I have received my new iPhone 5/SE casing from WaKase Wireless Accessory, all the way from Taiwan. This is a truly amazing phone case which I have never use before!

iPhone 5/SE Crystalline Ruby Red

Product Description
-The phone case was designed with dazzling bright colors that shine.
-Where the minimalist has design it with a luxurious look.
-It is a transparent glitter coated inlay for smooth finish.
-Simple yet classy outlook.
-Most important, it is SHOCK RESISTANT.
-Flexible TPU (shock absorbent) material gives a soft touch.
-Provide an all round full protection, perfectly fitting.
-Manufactured with precision for a snug feel.
-Impeccable button feeling

Available Colors:
#1 Crystalline Ruby Red
Credit: WaKase. Inc
#2 Onyx Black
Credit: WaKase. Inc
#3 Crystalline Sapphire Blue
Credit: WaKase. Inc
#4 Crystalline Topaz Yellow
Credit: WaKase. Inc

My Opinion
-It gives my phone a strong and full protection, where the phone case is perfect fitting.
-I love this crystalline ruby red color which is really simple and nice!
-It shines and with glitters!!
-Most important, it provides shock absorbent feature (no worries of dropping my phone). 

My Rating

For more information
You may purchase it here 

Hope you enjoy reading!
Thank You, xoxo

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  1. I've got one of their phone case too, the quality is really good and the shock resistant plays a really important role for iphone user. xD