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Thanks for the for giving me this Missha mask from Korea! 
and the result is out of my expectation lol

#1 Missha-Cherry Blossom Something Sheet Mask

I doesn't know how to read korean but basically I guess it is the information about the product and one thing which I wanted to mention is Missha is AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING


Before you start scrolling down please take note! 
I didn't put on my makeup! So it's naked face! Ha-ha-ha
Let's begin! 

Before applying Missha-Cherry Blossom mask (NO-filter)
>Soft, 100% pure cotton sheet mask
>Volume: 21g
>Made in Korea
>Major ingredients: Cherry Blossom extract, Camellia Leaf extract and orchid extract.
>Gives dry and rough skin cherry blossom hydration and nutrition for cherry blossom leaf soft skin care.
*Notes: taken from Korean Department Store*
1) I have used toner after face wash.
Inside of the mask with "essence" (not many) but very concentrated 
Tips: Normally if there is many "essence" after I apply the mask I will gently rub the remaining "essence" on my elbow! Learned it from a Youtuber!
2) Put on the mask and relax for approximately 15-20 minutes
3) Ta-daaaa! After 15 minutes! My face seems to be moisturizing and feels like jelly? 
Poke! *Boinggg-boinnggg
>The smell is so nice and good, heavy scent of cherry-blossom
>I feel it is moisturizing enough!
>Price? I'm not really sure since it is a souvenir! Hahaha

>I'm sensitive skin, therefore, I feel a bit "hot" when mask-ing.
>My face went a little bit red after I take off the mask sheet and I immediately wash off with cold water! 
>Little bit disappointed T^T

My rating:
-The End-

*This is an honest review, please take the information at your own risk, it doesn't meant to be same for everyone*

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