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AmorePacific Malaysia has held a launch preview for their latest brand which is Mamonde (french word for "My World")! 
Mamonde products are fully imported from South Korea which is the country of origin. Mamonde has also been launched in the United States, China, Thailand and finally is coming to Malaysia in AUGUST 2016 at AEON 1 Utama!
Besides that, Mamonde is a leading global premium cosmetic brand which offers a wide range of skincare and makeup products to suit every woman's daily needs!

PART I: Introduction

Registration Counter
Light refreshment was served! 

Mamonde backdrop was prepared for us to pose! 
P.S Sinyee was posingxD 
Props are prepared for us as well! Tee-Hee
Begins of the launch preview! 

Are You Ready?! 
*was so curious and excited of what's behind the big door!!*
Beautifully-decorated indoor garden!

PART II: R&D Briefing
Follow by the detail Research and Development briefing given by one of the researcher (Korean speaking)!
Which covers the topic of flower science technologies, floral properties and the most important is the  5 key flowers used in Mamonde formulation which include HoneysuckleHibiscusNarcissus. Lotus and Camellia
Because it is important so I have to repeat 3 times!
PART III: Flower Beauty Class
Second half of event was "Flower Beauty Class"
We are given different colors of flower petals and create the creativity out of your imagination!
I was blurred, blanked and stunned! 
It been n-years didn't do artwork, if you are my high school friends you should know I love art! 
We are given 30 minutes to complete our master piece!
Everyone is busy creating their artwork! haha
Time-passed too fast! Just a blink of  eyes!><"
Here's my artwork, for full image please click here *shy*
ATTN: Promise me you are not going to laugh with my bad captions and photo taking skill! haha
PART IV: Mamonde Products
#1 First Energy Essence & First Energy Serum
>The Honeysuckle and the Evening Primrose which have amazing vitalizing properties that can help us to maintain a healthy skin.
#2 Hibiscus Moisture Series
Moisturizing & Hydrating
>Demark Rose (Rose Water)HibiscusNarcissus and Peach Blossoms in its hydrating and moisturizing range.
#3 Rose Water Series
#4 Lotus Series
Cleansing & Exfoliation
>The Lotus Flower plays the role of cleansing and purifying at the same time providing antioxidant protection to our skin. 
#5 Pure White Series
>The Magnolia which can provides a good effect of skin whitening and post-inflammatory pigmentation inhibition.
#6 Camellia Series
> The Camellia's resilience and other therapeutic properties can help protect the skin from free radical damage and reduce the signs of aging as well. 
#7 Pore Clean Series
Pore Care & Oil Balancing
>The Heartleaf Houttuynia and Sage can helps in regulating sebum production, it is suitable for the oily skin.  
#8 Floral Hydro Series
#9 Mamonde Hand Cream Series
#10 Mamonde Sheet Pack
#11 Mamonde Cleansing Series
#12 Mamonde Suncare 
#13 Mamonde Makeup Series

I was so excited when I got to join for this K-beauty event!
Last but not least, Thank You Butterfly Project Malaysia and AmorePacific Malaysia for the invite!!
*HUG* (✿◠‿◠)

Hope you guys enjoy reading!
Thank You, xoxo

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