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Started this post with a brief description of the company background, where Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd has been producing and marketing eye drops for over 100 years. It is well known in Japan where it has been the number 1 top brand of eye drop in worldwide and also number 1 in Japan for the past 40 years!!
Rohto Eye Drops Aqua (Left); Rohto Eye Drops Cooling (Middle); Rohto Eye Drops Dryaid (Right)

>All these did provide a unique cooling sensation to our eyes which available in 3 variants to cater according to our needs of eye care! :)
Rohto Eye Drops are certified by Guinness World Record as one of the largest eye care brand!

#1 Rohto Eye Drops (Cooling)

Who needs eye drops?

  • People that face computer/TV for a long time and have a dry, strained eyes
  • Dryness or discomfort when wear contact lenses for too long hours
  • Minor eye irritations due to smog, dust, wind, sun glare and chlorine water
  • Blurred vision
What are the benefits?
  • This was my first time heard of there is eye drop in the market that can gives moisturize, refresh and immediate cooling relief and sensation!
  • Besides, it was design with a crystal clear transparent mini bottlewhich allow us to see through the content inside! 
  • With this small mini size, it is really convenient to bring along with us! 
  • Last but not least, the most important one is it can be use by BOTH contact lens user and non-contact lens user which mean 2-in-1! TEEHEE
 Can you see how mini it is?! ><
What are my comments?
>I've tried it for few days whenever I feel my eyes was strained and tired of looking at the computer. I will drop a few drops on both of my eyes, and remember to close your eyes for 5 seconds to 10 seconds and feel the cooling sensation inside your eyes and once you open your eyes you will like "WOW" so COOL~ That's exactly how I feel every time after I've use it!!! 
You may get Rohto Eye Drops products at pharmaceutical stores at the price of RM 16.90/13 ml :) Which I think is reasonable since is 2-in-1 as you doesn't need to get an eye drops separately. *You get what I mean? YEAH SAVE-COST*:))

Thanks Butterfly Project Malaysia for this awesome event! ;)
Thanks for reading! 
Hope you enjoy!
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