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Happy Kiddo here! Glad to be able to join Benefit for the reopening party and beauty workshop at MidValley Megamall! Congratulations on the reopening!
Little-bene mascot! She is so tiny with the heavy mask! ><""

Spot the goodies bags there?!Propeller
There is also opening special but it is only for one day! I guess there will be different promos as well for bene-babes after this! 
Benefit has brought Sangkaya and Fotobox to the outlet for the reopening!!! Yesh!!
You get to enjoy the ice-cream while waiting for your turn to snap the instant photos!!
Bouncy 8
Self-service toppings at your own! 
This is the Fotobox! Pick a design and Strike-A-Pose!!

Upload to your social media immediately!
We took two with sister and her bestie! If you wanna see the video click on my instagram to check out how awesome it is! :)

People are queuing for it but it is worth waiting!!

Let's move on with pretty stuffs that Benefit had! There are a varieties of products from skin-care to make-up, which are arranged accordingly with different compartments and cases! Beautifully displayed on the make-up desk! 
Believe me these are all testers where customers get to try it with the help of beauty advisor!
Brow shaping kit, brow-volumizing fiber gel and etc.
Hello Flawless series!
Every girls wanted to look flawless including myself, then you have to check this range of products out!!
 Benefit's skin care products! So nice their packaging and design!
Bouncing Heart
Primer, concealer and etc.
Lipsticks, eyeshadows and etc.
Bronzer, cheek powders and etc!

Benefit's new product-Tinted Primer
>Act as a mascara primer to boost the length & separation or alone as tint & define lashes for a feathery, natural look!
The POREfessional
One of Benefit' best seller!!
Me myself is using this and I really like the coverage of how it managed to cover my huge-pores!!
>Cover pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin!

Tee-Hee Benefit also offer brow, wax, lash and make up services!
Big Smile

Let's begin the beauty workshop aka reopening party!
Today's beauty speaker-Ms Rileen!

Step 1:
Use the test strip 1 press on the face (Oily part)
I pressed it on my T-zone!
Step 2:
Compare with the stripe 2 and measure which category your are in!
OH-NO !!
I am High Shine!Weepy Forget about it! Ha-ha-ha
 Step 3:
Apply new Matte Rescue on the part which you have tested with the strip and gently massage it till it dry.
Step 4:
Take strip 2 and press it on the part that have applied with Matte Rescue and check the results! 
From High shine become medium shine!Happy 1

Ms. Rileen is guiding us how to draw our brows and we actually get to try the bene-brows products too!
Brow-tool! A Benefit Ice-Cream Stick!
I'm just kidding! It was for the purpose of how to do marking from the head-arch-tail and connect the mark to come out with a balance brow!
One of the good tip I learned today! Where I normally draw my brows just "agak-agak" without proper measuring! HA-HA-HA

Here's my imbalance brow! Ha-ha

Another make-up tool! A Benefit-Roller-Lash Mascara Brush!
What's so different with others?
Because the brush features innovative hooked bristles that grab and lift lashes and the formula also holds curls for 12 hours!!!

That's the end of the beauty workshop!

Credit: Benefit Cosmetic Malaysia

Last but not least!
Thanks Benefit Cosmetics for throwing this awesome reopening party!! xoxo
Hehehe you wanna try too? Let's drop by the nearest Benefits boutiques or counters!

Contact number (Benefit Boutiques)
1 Utama: 03-7733 3930
Sephora Starhill: 03-2148 5592
Mid Valley: 03-2282 9266
Alamanda: 03- 8893 5033
Gurney Plaze, Penang: 04-2293 702
KLCC: 03- 2164 2187

Contact number (Benefit Counters)
Parkson, Sunway Pyramid ( with brow bar): 03-5631 6300
Parkson, Pavilion (with brow bar): 03-2141 4601
C&F, KLIA: 03-8787 3785
Sephora KLCC (with brow bar): 03- 2164 9688
Sephora Paradigm Mall: 03- 7886 8319
Sephora Starhill: 03- 2141 6688
Sephora Sunway: 03- 5633 7099
Sephora Nu Sentral: 6012- 379 8062
Sephora Queensbay: 6013- 379 3806
Sephora Imago (with brow bar): 012- 379 8230
Sephora Mid Valley (with brow bar): 012- 379 8233



-The End-

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