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"WAVE"! Hello peeps! Time to update my bloggie :)
Today, I would like to introduce you all my all-time-favorite eyebrow kit!
This picture was featured by KATE Tokyo at their Facebook with my reviews of the eyebrow kit. 
 Back to the topic, what's so good and nice about Kate Designer Eyebrow? Friends been asking me,
"hey, your brows look so natural, which brand are you using, I also want to buy one lehh"
Okay. So, I bought this eyebrow kit from Kate, got to know this brand through a roadshow and I really love their make up products since then!

My opinion:


>It comes in like a small box which can fit your makeup porch perfectly,that's one the reason I like it!


>It is really long lasting can last all day long which you doesn't need to really touch up your eyebrow from morning till night time, definitely recommend to people like me which doesn't like to touch up their makeup! HAHAHA

Can use how long?

>I been using this since last year around August?..and I still using it today! (P.S I only use once or twice a week! that's why!)


>The price attracted me the most! How can such as good product only cost about RM30++ (actual price already forgotxD) but..........when there is promotion you can get it at only RM20++!

Where can buy?

>You can basically find it at SASA or Watsons.
 This is how it looks like inside the tiny little box! With an eyebrow brush and comes in three different colors. 
 This is how the color was like from dark brown to light brown. 
Normally dark color I will use it at the eyebrow "tail" while the lighter one I will use at eyebrow "head". 
It makes your brow looks more 3D! 

This is me with Kate Designer Eyebrow Kit! 
P.s: NO-FILTER and ignore my puffy eye-bag!
Thanks for reading! 
Hope this is useful if you are looking for a small, good,reasonable and durable eyebrow kit! :))

-The End-

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