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I would like to blog about my experience with this-The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector :)

I've got a really dry and cracked foot recently as I don't really take care of my foot before these. 
People may ask is it important to take care of out foot? but Well, for me I think yes :)
Hemp Foot Protector-The Body Shop

This is the product which is designed in green color with 100ml and 98g. I think it can use very long since you are not using it daily and the expiration will be 3 years.

 So, I bought it at the price of RM55.00 included GST at one of the Body Shop outlet.

When you peeled up the sticker on the cap, you will noticed there is some description about the products and the usage.
Below is the product description I got it from The Body Shop Malaysia
This heavy-duty foot cream works wonders on very dry skin, especially cracked heels. It soothes and rehydrates skin and conditions nails.
  • Hydrates and softens rough, dry feet
  • Helps to restore skin’s moisture barrier
  • Conditions nails
  • Dermatologically tested
The color inside it was light green color but honestly even though I don't really like the smell it smells a bit like herbs and it was a bit sticky but it does moisturize my dry foot and healed my cracked heels. As I like to apply it for overnight so I can see the results on the next day.
This product does really impressed me and I still apply it 2 to 3 times in a week to keep my foot smooth and moisturized,

So, if you have cracked heels or dry foot like me, I will definitely recommend you to get this product from The Body Shop and it really worth the money! :))

Thanks for reading :))

-The End-

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  3. The Nubotany hemp pain cream gets the job done! It is quick and gets my muscles ready for hiking across America every time…no joint pain no tiredness, super product

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