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Me and my besties have decided to redeem the mani-pedi vouchers we've bought from groupon at the price of RM58 which sounds really reasonable where the package includes the following:

Forgot to mention, it is Payot Beauty and Nail located at Sri Petaling :)
We got a little bit excited as we thought we gonna have nail arts for 10 fingers and 10 toes! but.. little bit disappointed we can only do for 4 nail arts where the design was also limited to a few choices as below:

At first we are given the below designs to choose, HOWEVER, after we have choose the design we been told that the following designs need to ADD-additional money!
For budget students like us, we've decide to go for the above design. For your reference these are the designs.

How much for the design we are not sure about it, but I've took another few designs that with the price attached.

What about the environment, yes, the environment is quite nice but is quite stuffy as there is only one air-condition but basic equipment are available :)

-What's stated in the package was done accordingly such as scrub, massage and etc.!
-Price are reasonable
-Staffs are friendly
-Nice environment (with clean and hygiene toilet)!

-It took us 4 hours to complete the whole "process" is a bit lengthy, might be due to there are three of us, so it took time for us to take turn and enjoy the service!
-Limited design to choose for Groupon purchaser.

So, what are the end results of my mani-pedi?

 I've choose maroon red for my toes and a flower nail art design.

So, below is the link you may drop them a massage of your interest,and they do really give you a prompt reply :)
Payot Sri Petaling
Thanks for reading :)

-The End-

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