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Tambun Lost World, Ipoh
A 2 days 1 night trip at Tambun Lost World in the past few months. I managed to get cheap rooms from a tour agency that they are having their promotion at only RM169 for 2 person and a master room and also we are entitled with FREE breakfast and FREE entrance to the Hot Springs & Spa in the night time.


This is the night view of the theme park before you enter :)

There are also some stalls set up for you to play games and be the lucky one to win those huge and big teddy bear.

This is the swinging chair but is not operated in the night time, it is only available in the morning :)

The so-called Ipoh Street! and this street do amazed me because they do sell foods such as Rojak, Tau-Fu-Fa and etc. The price is also reasonable; what you need to do is to top up your wristband at the counter and so you can purchase the food and beverage as you like.

Playground for the kids to have fun as the water is very shallow but is real cold in the night time; so be careful to caught flu!
 THE-BEACH! People-made Beach; but the sands are real soft and you can feel the sea breeze when the winds blow, is really chilling at the night time :)

WOW! Disco? Nope! Is a bar at the top where you can purchase a can of beer like me to chill inside this cozy room or you can sit outside and seeing people from the top enjoying their time at the spas :)

 How much does this cost us? Yay it costs us 10 bucks for a can of Heineken. I know right is expensive but is normal if you are inside the theme park and they don't allow you to bring outside water so you have to spend inside ;)

Yeap! This is one of the spa inside the Lost World  *TeeHee*

Morning breakfast! Not bad they serve in buffet style so you can eat as much as you can, as much as you like!

For us RM169 is worth for it as you get to stay at Sunway hotel which is a 3 stars hotel and enjoy those facilities provided by sunway! :) 

For more information,you may refer the link below or drop me a message if you want to know more about the tour agency! Enjoy your day and thanks for reading :)


-The End-

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