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The day where I've decided to reopen back this blog,

memories running down the track,

where I used to record it as my diary in the past:)

The "No" series is about my thought and feeling.

every characters will be remain anonymous and confidential, if you know who you are just pretend

you are reading someone's story

Forget about the past and move on.

If you are curious of who is the character please don't ask me I won't tell you! ha-ha-ha

Refurnished my blog to become a blog that should come up with meaningful and useful blogpost!

Time changed me and everything!

Even myself when I was reading the past stories I was like "wow" seriously? Is that me? WTH am I

so Stupid ehhh! hahaha

Anyway! Hope my readers enjoy reading!

Not gonna clarify any of your doubts just let it remain unknown! :D

Will blog everything about me.

Feel free to follow me and I'll follow back you too :)

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