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Created myself a new blog, and here comes my first post :)

Hello Kitty Go Around is at Viva Home Exhibition Hall from 19th Dec 2015 until 19th Jan 2016. Me and my friends we have bought for the earlier bird ticket during early of June :) If you are fancy about Hello Kitty you may pay a visit for the exhibition.

The first Hello Kitty sculpture when you first step in to the exhibition, the very main one is not allowed to take photo. p/s :(

You may also spend your ticket to play this where you just need to fill the picture with the tiny little blink blink ;) *wink*

The place where you can purchase Hello Kitty merchandise but the price may sound abit pricy for some of us, where I found it is really slightly expensive than you buy it from somewhere else :P

 QwQ I found this really interesting where you can make your wish and hang it. Like you are writing for your secret santa for some kind of wishes :)

The little monkeys remind me of what?Bob-the builder! Yeappp! The tiny feature is just so adorable and you just can't stop taking pictures! x)

AHHA! This is the STAGE! TA-DAA! You can stand there take picture just like you are the person invited for the grand opening *TEE-HEEE*

 Yeappp! This is the cute "Go Around Cafe" As we just slightly squat down like we are sitting inside the cup with the kitties :)

Ain't this bag is cute? but it is really HUGE Visitors like to play hide-and-seek with the bag! Especially kiddos! x)

Wheeee! Melody; Kitty; and... *ehermmm* is that Daniel? Yay? Nay? I'm not sure but this is really so cute! :)

It took me 15 mins just to queue and take photo with this Hello Kitty Sanrio Fountain! But it is worth, it is really so nice :)

P:S When you go around you can see there are some game booths where you can purchase their ticket and enjoy the game where each ticket cost you 12.50 bucks. So, it depends on you whether you want to play it to stand a chance for yourself to win a big Kitty plushy toy! ;)
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