NO (56)

by - 12:04:00 AM

Don't judge me with my past
I'm not the one you see in the past few years
If you do know me, You should know I have changed
I'm not changing to become prettier but to think more from other people's perspective and view

Thanks to you.
You taught me to stand up on my own not to depends on others
You taught me to think more mature, now I'm
You taught me so much. You taught me lessons of LIFE.

To the another you,
Thanks too.
Thanks for giving me so much memories which I can't let go even until now
I still remember every piece and pie of memories of ours.
I doesn't know I'm so bond to you.
Force a fake smile everyday to show others I'm fine without any partner.
Get myself to be a better person, but I'm too fond to you.

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